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30+, Single, and Trying Not to Settle

Even though he’d listed “Christian” on his profile, it became apparent that he didn’t have a relationship with God. The more we spoke, the more the signs of a life void of God revealed themselves.

After my last breakup nearly four years ago, I knew that the next person I dated had to both love God and be God-fearing. It should have been a no-brainer. But as I considered the choice that lay before me, I faltered.

How to Walk with a Friend Who’s Doubting the Faith

It can be stressful when someone we love starts to doubt God. We worry that we won’t have the answers to convince them to stay in the faith, and fear what will happen if they were to leave God completely.

But doubts are a perfectly normal part of a Christian’s journey. And God is more than capable of helping us figure out what faith means in the face of life’s difficult realities.