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What Can We Do About Our Hypocrisy?

“I can’t believe she’s having sex with him. I mean, she attends church. I don’t get it,” my friend said, puzzled.

5 Steps to be Free of Financial Woes

My dad was a banker and he loved to dole out financial advice, such as “buy what you need”, “don’t spend more than you have to” and “save for a rainy day”. For him, financial independence was about having enough in your bank account so you could stand on your own two feet.

How To Get Over a Breakup

My boyfriend broke up with me in the last week of the last term of journalism school and it was ugly. I received his text message on a Sunday evening, and I spent a better part of the night crying over the phone to my best friend.

Is It Possible to Resist Sex in this Day and Age?

I’m a real prude when it comes to sex, and my belief hasn’t come without costs. Friends and acquaintances have been known to give me strange looks when they learn about it.

New Year Resolution: To Stick To My Resolutions

Every year, I make the same resolutions, and every year, I fail to carry them out. So my resolution for 2016 is: stick to my resolutions. Nonetheless, my failure to abide by my resolutions has not stopped me from saying this prayer this year.

When It’s More Blessed To Give Than to Receive

For years, I dreaded Christmas and the social gatherings that came with it. While my friends and colleagues looked forward excitedly to exchanging presents and spending time with friends, I hated the idea of attending awkward barbecues with strangers.

Me and My First World Problems

I was leading the high life in one of the world’s coolest cities. Serving a three-month internship as a copy-editor in Beijing, China, in the online arm of a national newspaper, I enjoyed a life of luxury.

How to Trust God in the Season of Job-hunting

I spent six months of my life as a couch potato. By the time I started my new job, I knew which online channels you could surf for the latest television series.

What if God was “A Bowl of Ice Cream”?

Of all the presents I received for my eighth birthday—coloring books, fancy stationery, and toys— the children’s Bible was the best gift. I recall racing through Genesis to Jude, but staying away from Revelation because I did not like thinking about the End Times.