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Love Like He Does

John has already established the fact that Jesus has perfect knowledge, even of things that haven’t yet happened. In this last night with His disciples, before His trial and death, He draws on this knowledge to tell them about what is about to happen, so that when it does, their faith will be strengthened (see John 13:19; 16:4; 16:29-33).

The Resurrection

This is the climactic seventh sign of John’s gospel, in which God the Father and God the Son will be glorified (v. 4), so that they may be revealed for who they are. This is one of only three resurrection miracles performed by Jesus recorded in the Gospels (see Mark 5:41-42;Luke 7:11-17). It foreshadows the resurrection of Jesus himself.

Safe And Secure

How secure are you? Does the Bible teach that we have a place in God’s family through faith in Jesus, but only keep it as long as we are good? Or is it ″Once a Christian, always a Christian″? Many of our fellow disciples seem to have fallen by the wayside. Is the believer truly secure in their faith?