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Mirroring Jesus’ Ministry

The Jewish antagonism towards Paul is persistent. They urgently request (v. 3) the new Roman governor Festus to have Paul transferred to Jerusalem for trial, intending to ambush and kill him along the way. Festus, however, comes to Caesarea where Paul is being held and Paul defends himself before authority again (v. 8), denying the charges of illegality, desecration, and treason.

Using Our Spiritual Gifts

Having been rescued from the mob, Paul gives his testimony in Aramaic, the heart language of the people (vv. 1–21). He addresses and identifies with them respectfully, “Brothers and fathers,” and tells them of his own Jewish heritage and training. They listen respectfully until he says that God has appointed him to minister to the Gentiles (v. 21).

Trust God For Protection

Paul has a conviction that he must go to Jerusalem and after that, to Rome (Acts 19:21). He has shared with the Ephesian elders that he is compelled to go to Jerusalem by the Spirit, who also forewarns him of impending persecution and suffering (Acts 20:22–23). Both danger and God’s protection are going to be Paul’s experience.