Entries by Agnes Lee

I Thought I Needed To Be Beautiful

My colleagues and I were having lunch at the pantry when we saw a colleague heading for the office door with her purse.

“Where is she going?” someone in the group asked.

Another colleague answered, “Oh, she has taken half the day off to watch a Korean pop concert. She has a premium ticket.”

How the Gospel Transformed My Life

I sank into near depression after giving birth four years ago. My days were spent in tears of self-pity as I faced many issues on my own as a new mom, combined with misunderstandings with my husband and in-laws. My marriage was on the rocks. I had no joy. My life was a mess I could not get out of.

I Found Contentment In My Financial Limitation

One Sunday at church, my five-year-old niece and her family sat in the row in front of me. All of a sudden, she turned back and asked me innocently, “Aunty Agnes, how did you come to church today?”

God Convicted Me of My Bad Work Attitude

Recently, I overheard a colleague asking her manager about another staff member. He had joined six months ago, but my colleague had not seen him around for a while.

How Worship Helped in My Body Image Struggles

Church was crowded that Sunday. My family and I took seats in the back. A woman standing up from her seat in front of me quickly caught my attention. Her body was perfectly ladylike, with a small waist and a nice hip.

Knowing the Bible is Not Enough

Early this year, someone new joined the small church that I attend. He identified himself as a Singaporean working in the United States, temporarily sent back to Singapore for a work project.

Introverts Can Evangelize Too

For a long time, I could not imagine myself sharing the gospel. When I was a new Christian, I did not like telling people that I was a Christian because I was afraid that they would ask me about my faith.

I Was Tithing for the Wrong Reasons

Four years ago, I had a heated argument with my family and moved out on my own. At around the same time, I began attending a small family church.

I Thought Marriage Could Change Me

“Don’t scratch anymore! Once you stop scratching, you will be as beautiful as other girls!” My mum would tell me repeatedly as I was growing up. I suffer from eczema, a skin condition which would leave my skin red, cracked, itchy, and full of blisters.