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Why Comparing Can be Dangerous

I won’t deny that I often compare myself with others, including family members and friends. Such moments make me realize that there are so many people out there who have talents and skills that far exceed my own, and which I may never be able to attain, try as I might.

5 Ways to Make Our Moms Happy

“Every day is Mother’s Day”, my mother would jokingly say to me every so often. Having been away from home during my university days and now living some 10,000 kilometers away from my mom, I couldn’t agree more. I treasure dearly each moment I get to spend with her. Mothers, as most of us would […]

It’s Not a Freak of Nature

The solar eclipse that happened in mid-March was indeed a breathtaking spectacle. While millions witnessed the event around the world, a fortunate few in the Faroe Islands and Svalbard, far north of Europe, even got to see a total solar eclipse, with the moon completely blocking the sun. As I don’t live anywhere close to […]