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Why Should We Persevere?

A few years ago, I met a man whose story challenged and inspired me. He came from a wealthy, influential family of a different faith. When he left home for college, he met Jesus and surrendered his life to Him.

Poor But Rich In God

Having come from an average-income family, there have been many times in my life when I wished I was richer. Recently, I caught myself turning into a green-eyed monster when I saw my friends buying new cars and dining at Instagram-worthy spots.

Seeking Wisdom For Trials

Last October, I was retrenched from my job without warning after working there for about two years. The following month, my girlfriend’s father, who had motor neuron disease, was admitted to hospital. He died two months later.

Joy In Trials

Imagine you’ve just had another bad one in a long series of terrible days. You wonder how things could get any worse. And then, as you sit down with a good friend—who should know better—he says, “Great! Good for you! I hope you’re considering yourself blessed!” Wouldn’t that be so inappropriate? Wouldn’t you want to slap him?