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bear holding a coffee mug - 5 Verses to Help You Navigate a “New Normal”

5 Verses to Help You Navigate a “New Normal”

Now, just as many of us are finally getting used to things, transition is back on the horizon. Once again, it will be stressful. Overwhelming. Isolating. Traumatic. It’s exhausting to think about. But here are five verses that can help us as we prepare for another “new normal.”

“God Has ‘The One’ For You” And Other Advice To Reconsider

You’re a single Christian with hopes of finding a potential partner. There seems to be a shortage of eligible dates in both your church and at your workplace. However, the one thing you’re not short on is advice from friends and acquaintances, all eager to see you partnered up.

5 Ways To Keep A Healthy Relationship

Title: 5 Ways To Keep A Healthy Relationship Artwork by: YMI…

5 Things to Consider When You're At the Crossroads

Are you at the crossroads? Does it feel like your entire future depends on the decisions you are about to make? As you stand at the crossroads, looking forward to unknown futures, here are five things to consider.
Couple holding one another in a courtyard

3 Questions to Ask When You're Dating

Dating can be such a thrilling adventure, especially since it might possibly lead to marriage! However, before we even step into a relationship, there may be many questions in our minds. For instance, how can I know that I’m ready for a relationship?

6 Questions to Consider If You're Called to Full-Time Ministry

After graduating from Bible college and seminary, my husband Andrew and I stayed in touch with many of our friends—people with whom we dreamed of and prepared for ministry. Within a matter of years, however, many of our friends had left ministry indefinitely.
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Would Jesus Like Your Post On Social Media?

If God were on social media, would He like your post? I used to take to Instagram daily. I would post a picture with a caption telling my followers what I felt at the moment. I would post sad reflections, happy anecdotes, and even angry rants. It was my way of expressing myself and dealing with boredom and loneliness. I could “talk” to my followers without actually engaging in a conversation or meeting up with anyone.
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Why Social Media Scares Me Sometimes

I’m an old soul. I’d rather read an actual book than a device. I prefer hymns to contemporary worship. I was mercilessly made fun of once for saying that a glass of iced tea “hit the spot.” So it probably comes as no surprise for me to tell you that social media. . . scares me sometimes.

3 Things To Do When Life Feels Meaningless

I felt like I was on top of the world. It was, after all, any young man’s dream come true. I was in my mid-20s with a high paying job, good career prospects, and all the comforts and luxuries that life could offer. What more could anyone wish for?