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Woman slumped on table

How Can I Love God When I’m Feeling Weak?

How do you love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30) when you’re actually pretty weak?
Person on top of the mountain with their hands out wide

How Psalm 121 Speaks to COVID-19

As believers, we are called to walk in the shelter of the truth and not dance to the distressing rhythm of reality. As we all suffer to some degree or another, let’s remember the hope we have in our God, our Help, and look to Psalm 121, which calls us to behold Him for who He is.

4 Truths to Light Up Your Darkest Moments

I began graduate school for counseling excited for a wonderful new life season. I’m glad I didn’t know what was actually coming. That winter, I became very sick with an illness that doctors couldn’t diagnose. While battling flu-like symptoms and intense dizziness, I ached for my old friends and family who were states away.
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Getting Cancer in My 20s

The most difficult decision I’ve had to make was in late 2014, when I found out I had stage four breast cancer. It all started when I felt a lump and the doctor recommended that I undergo some pathology tests.
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Why Pneumonia Was What I Needed

I used to be a very ambitious person. In college, I enjoyed life and worked hard to get what I wanted—especially when it came to grades. I wanted to be the top student so that others would look up to me. This came at the expense of everything else: God, family, and friends.
Woman blowing her nose into a tissue - blessed to be sick

When I was Blessed to be Sick

Recently, I was blessed to be down for a few days with a bad flu, sore throat, and fever. Yes, you read it right. I was blessed and I thank God to have been down for those few days.