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Illustration of a seed falling

How to Fall and Fail Better

As Christians, we need not feel like we can only share our stories when it’s a success story. Stories of ongoing growth—which necessarily include failures—deserve to be heard, too.
Reading the Bible Did Not Make Me a Better Christian

Reading the Bible Did Not Make Me A Better Christian

One morning, our helper overheard and misunderstood a conversation I had with my husband. As a result, she was cold to me the entire morning, upset with what I had shared with my husband. She thought that I was complaining about her behind her back.

Authentic Christianity Isn't About Losing Yourself

We hear self-motivating phrases like “You do you”, “Just be yourself”, and “Live authentically” all the time. I’ll be honest, I have probably said a few of them myself. As this whole authenticity/just-be-yourself idea has gained momentum, I have found myself reflecting . . . what if the “self” we’re told to be is broken?

Lessons I Learned from Getting Fired

The Outlook notification chimes at the corner of your screen.  A calendar invite for a meeting. It’s from your reporting officer and your boss. It’s one of those meetings you wished you could click “decline”.

What Does It Mean to Be Sanctified?

Someone recently wrote “#holy” on my dorm room door. I live in a dorm at a Christian college and facilitate a weekly Bible study on my floor, so this innovative hashtag made me smile. It also brought to mind a question I have been wrestling with for the past several weeks.

ODJ: dressed for success

A few years ago my husband and a friend of his attempted the Three Peaks Challenge—climbing the highest mountains of Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours. This included scaling Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles at 1,344 meters.

ODB: The Presentation

My wife, Martie, is a great cook. After a long day I often look forward to the smell of spicy aromas that promise a tasty feast. Not only does she know how to prepare a meal, but she is also a master at the presentation. The colors of the food on the plate, beautifully arranged in a harmony of meat, white puffy rice, and vegetables welcome me to pull up my chair and enjoy her handiwork. But the fo

ODJ: disappointment and hope

A 5 year old boy was told that his family was goingto the Grand Canyon. He could hardly wait.When the day finally arrived, the boy was visibly disappointed. He said, “I thought you said that it was a big cannon.” When you’re hoping for the Grand Cannon, you’ll be let down, even by something as spectacular as the Grand Canyon!

Something similar happened with the two dis

ODJ: sculpting a stump

One morning I noticed a man with a chainsaw cutting down a large tree in front of some local farm buildings. He was still there in the afternoon, working on the tree stump with his power tool set at an unusual angle. Days later I passed the place again and noticed the stump had been transformed into a replica of a corncob. The man hadn’t been merely toppling a tree, he had sculpted vertical rows