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More Than A Missionary Kid

“Where are you from?” That question used to stress me a lot because I couldn’t answer with any one country name. Over time though, I have learned to recognize whatever place God has set me as home. At this point in my life, my answer is “Hong Kong,” where I have been serving as a missionary for nearly two years.

3 Ways Missions Changed The Way I Relate To Others

It was the summer after 9/11. Looking back, I can’t quite believe that we went. Everything and anything to do with airports and security was tense, and everyone was on high alert. So much was going on in the world, and yet our church still commissioned and sent out five different groups of teenagers to five different countries.

Living With Purpose

Title: Living With Purpose Artwork by: Sarah Ang (@salahong) Description: Singapore…

Craig Greenfield: Family in the slums and urban fringes

Seven-year-old Jaydan and his sister Micah, 5, bounded down the streets of Downtown Eastside in inner-city Vancouver. The people hanging around those roads saw them and shouted to each other: “Kids on the block!”

The Insanity of Faith

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1) It seems crazy to believe in something that’s not there yet, to have complete certainty that something’s going to happen even though there is no physical evidence. Yet Hebrews 11:1 describes faith as exactly that.

When God Chose to Disrupt My Plans

The last thing anyone would want when traveling overseas would be unexpected changes to the itinerary. I guess God didn’t get the memo when I embarked on my very first mission trip a few months ago to Tokyo, Japan, as part of a Bible school program I was attending at my church.

Why Short-term Mission Trips May Not Always Be A Good Idea

Have you been on a short-term mission trip before? If you haven’t, picture these three scenarios

Amy Peterson: The Banished Missionary

Ministering in a country where Christians are a minority can…

Quitting my Job for Nepal

I remember distinctly the speaker’s call that Sunday: give one year of your life to missions. It was during the “missions month” in my church.