Living With Purpose

Title: Living With Purpose
Artwork by: Sarah Ang (@salahong)
Description: Singapore is a comfortable and safe place to live in. After graduating, I found a good job and did not plan on leaving the country. Then one day, God called me to leave the comfort of my home to a bigger city, and then later to a mountainous region in a small town to serve Him.

Initially, I struggled to adjust to the living conditions–the high altitude, extremely cold weather and occasional lack of water supply. However, these conditions slowly became insignificant when I saw God transform my life and the lives of those I reached out to. I have learned to give up my rights and surrender to His will.

Living by faith hasn’t been the easiest for someone who grew up being taught that money equals security. Nonetheless, I have grown to live in contentment with much or little, knowing that true contentment comes from trusting in God’s promised provision. It’s been five years now since I began my journey, and God has always comes through for me month after month.

Apart from sharing the gospel, God has used the talents and gifting He has blessed me with, like photography, art and design, to serve in His kingdom.

I’ve come to realize that as long as we’re willing to follow His call, there is a place for all of us to partner with Him in advancing His kingdom.







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