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5 Ways to Persevere in Bible-Reading

5 Ways to Persevere in Bible-reading

When I first came to know the Lord, I was taught by older Christians about the importance of persevering in reading my Bible daily. It was the book of truth which told me how to live life according to how God intended, and it was applicable in every aspect of my life.

5 Ways to Stop Envy

I believe that all of us, at one point or another, will compare our lives with others. I too have done this numerous times. As a member of the worship team in my church, I used to compare my singing ability with those of other singers, and based my self-worth on my ability to sing better than others.

5 Things to Do before You Start Work

Time flies. I’m on the brink of graduating from university and stepping into the workforce. Because of my eagerness to start work as soon as possible, I embarked on a dogged search for that one perfect job months before my graduation, diligently scouring job websites for openings and going for numerous interviews.

4 Steps To Fight Feelings of Helplessness

Have you ever woken up on some mornings feeling powerless and helpless? Perhaps you just had a fight with your loved one or friend, your efforts at school or work reap unpromising results, or you have so much work on your plate you don’t even know where to begin.
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Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Articles | Life Hacks

"Steps, methods, ways." This seems to be the craze today. We are on the constant pursuit of getting things done better, quicker and with
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Confessions of a Christian Life Hacker

I watch, impressed, as a friend tears open a bag of crisps, tucks in the bottom corners of the packet and keeps rolling the sides under until he’s created an instant snack bowl from nothing but the original packaging—ingenious!
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Is God into quick fixes?

Have you ever wondered why God intervenes in some situations quickly while in other situations, He doesn’t seem to do anything? Why are some people healed instantly, while others take a much longer time—and some are not healed at all?
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5 Ways to Fight Procrastination

I’m a procrastinator. It’s been a battle since birth. In fact, I even delayed my birth: I refused to get into the proper position for delivery
3 Life Hacks From Moses's Life

3 Life Hacks from Moses’ Life

Have you ever been asked to do something you didn’t want to do? Was it because you were afraid and felt it was beyond your capabilities, or because there were too many restrictions?