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Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Articles | Life Hacks

Steps, methods, ways.
These seem to be the craze today.

We are on the constant pursuit of getting things done better, quicker and with lesser effort than before.
What should we make of quick fixes? Are they just temporary solutions or are there actual lessons to glean?

Here are three articles we want to highlight as we explore the fascinating world of life hacks.
We trust you’d resonate with at least one or two points.

  1. 3 Steps to Take When You Face A Problem

The longer we allow our thoughts and emotions to simmer and plague us, the bigger our problems may seem to grow—disproportionately. Over time, it may reduce God’s power in our eyes, and make us lose sight of other important things in life.

  1. 3 Ways to Stop Self-Pity

It was while I was sitting in the hospital ward looking at my dad, the other patients and their families that God showed me how self-absorbed and immature I was to harbor such thoughts. Shamefully, I turned to God in prayer and asked Him to reveal to me how I could let go of this self-pity which had almost consumed me.

  1. 4 Facts about Making a Friendship Work

Friendship isn’t about being everyone’s friend. Being a good friend is not about being a people pleaser. I’ve come across a number of people over the years who have given in and given up so much to be “cool” or to fit in, but wake up one day to realize they’ve completely lost every sense of who they are.

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