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Group of Carolers singing Christmas cheer

Rediscovering the Hope of Christ Through Carols

Considering how often I hear Christmas carols, I’ve only just realised that I don’t really pay close attention to its words. It was during a recent chapel service at my university, when we sang “O Holy Night”, that the lyrics struck me
a dark road in jungle

When the Way Ahead Seems Dark

I found myself inwardly nodding in recognition when our pastor described how some people might be walking through a dark cave with no idea where the exit was. At that time, my job was coming to an end, and not having received any clear answers from God about my future direction, I felt like I was indeed walking in the “darkness” he described.

Invisible Women

On International Women’s Day, inspiring stories abound of women who have changed the world. For most of us, these stories and achievements probably sound unattainable. We live ordinary lives; our quiet hurts, flaws, and brokenness invisible to most of the world.

5 Tips to Stay Woke as a Christian

“Stay woke? Well, I must be awake, because I am talking with you.” That was my response to a friend when I first heard the term, stay woke*.

Switch On Your Light!

I recently attended a concert by Grammy Award-winning Christian music artist Israel Houghton, otherwise known as Israel & New Breed. At one point during the concert, Israel asked everyone to turn on their cellphone lights as he led the audience to sing, “Jesus is the Light of the World”.

What I’ve Learned About The Importance of Light

Written By Aldren Hila, Philippines Tragedy is inevitable.…

ODJ: powerful light

The “Walkie Talkie”, a 37 storey London skyscraper, created some unique problems during its construction. At times, this concave structure reflected the sun’s rays with dangerous intensity. Television crews used a reflected sunbeam from the building to cook an egg! Residents opposite the building claimed damage to paint and carpet as a result of the intense reflections.
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