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I Was Wrong About Giving Tuesday

As someone who works closely with several non-profit organizations, I am distinctly aware of Giving Tuesday. In the United States, this Giving Tuesday "holiday" comes from an honorable desire to help non-profits continue their good work.

How A Hot Cup of Cocoa Pointed Me to God

The morning breeze mercilessly blew above the walls and enveloped any brave soul standing in its path on a frigid, December morning at dawn’s break.

ODJ: Jealousy and Generosity

Thomas J. DeLong, a professor at Harvard Business School, has noted a disturbing trend among his students and colleagues—a comparison obsession. He writes: “Business executives, Wall Street analysts, lawyers, doctors and other professionals are obsessed with comparing their own achievements against those of others. ...I have interviewed hundreds of HNAPs (High Need for Achieve

ODJ: a generous tip

In November 2014 a couple asked a waiter named Carlos for a dish that wasn’t on the menu. Having worked in restaurants themselves, they were impressed by him and how he fulfilled their request.

ODJ: lukewarm

By God’s grace, my family has few financial worries. We have everything we need, and nearly everything we want. This frightens me, because it sounds exactly like the church in Laodicea. They said, “I am rich. I have everything I want. I don’t need a thing!” But Jesus replied, “And you don’t realise that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and nak

ODJ: lavish generosity

During my last year of school, I saved up my money in order to buy extravagant gifts for my family. When Christmas came, I blew the whole lot on my parents, my sister and my grandparents.

ODJ: enough to share

There was a time when my son Wasswa and I had 12 little guests at our dinner table in Uganda every night for 3 consecutive years. Previous to our sharing dinner with them, the children had often gone entire days without food. They began coming to our house when they heard that I would feed them. Many of the boys and girls—some as young as 3 years old—walked nearly 5 miles to reach our home, so

ODB: Free Tomatoes

Packing groceries into the trunk of my car, I glanced at the vehicle next to me. Through the back window, I could see baskets full of bright red tomatoes—shiny, plump, and better looking than any I had seen in the store. When the car’s owner appeared seconds later, I said, “What great looking tomatoes!” She replied, “I had a good crop this year. Would you like some?” Surprised by her w

ODJ: firstfruits

John started his new job. When he received his first payslip at the end of the month, he wanted to celebrate by buying lunch for me. During our meal he told me that his first payslip was his “firstfruits”. With a grateful heart he wanted to give a significant portion of it back to God.

Moses repeatedly reminded the Jews that God was their Deliverer, the Giver of their land and t