ODB: Free Tomatoes

April 1, 2014

READ: Exodus 35:20-29 

Everyone whose spirit was willing . . . brought the Lord’s offering for the work of the tabernacle. —Exodus 35:21

Packing groceries into the trunk of my car, I glanced at the vehicle next to me. Through the back window, I could see baskets full of bright red tomatoes—shiny, plump, and better looking than any I had seen in the store. When the car’s owner appeared seconds later, I said, “What great looking tomatoes!” She replied, “I had a good crop this year. Would you like some?” Surprised by her willingness to share, I gladly accepted. She gave me several free tomatoes to take home—they tasted as good as they looked!

We see an even greater spirit of generosity in the Israelites when they gave to build the tabernacle of the Lord. When asked to provide materials for the sanctuary, “everyone whose spirit was willing . . . brought the Lord’s offering for the work of the tabernacle” (Ex. 35:21). The Israelites eagerly donated their gold jewelry, colored thread, fine linen, silver, bronze, gemstones, and spices. Some also gave their time and talents (vv.25-26).

If we follow the Israelites’ example and willingly donate our resources, we please and honor God with our attitude and offerings. The Lord, who sees and knows our thoughts and hearts, loves cheerful givers. He Himself is the best example of generosity (John 3:16).

— Jennifer Benson Schuldt

Dear Jesus, You gave everything You had
for my sake. Help me to give with
a willing heart so that my gifts
will truly honor You.

The state of our heart is more important than the size of our gift.

Source: Our Daily Bread