Should I Download A Dating App?

I still remember the day my best friend and I were hanging out, complaining about dating and boys and life in general, when we decided we were going to do it: download a dating app.

When My Parents Didn’t Like My Date

With my Facebook newsfeed dominated by status updates of engagements, weddings, and babies, I thought it was best I got my act together or risk growing old alone.

God’s Will Isn’t Found in Books

As Christians, we are known for believing that we are to follow what the Bible tells us to do. Sometimes, this gives others the impression that we serve a God who has an unending list of commands that we need to follow.

Dating: Are we getting it right?

We’ve all heard about the “right” way in which we should go about dating, and have been taught what is right and wrong. And we teach the same lessons to others, or judge others by the same standards.

5 "Harmless" Dating Tips

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you may have encountered at least one of these five things I have been told about dating. Perhaps the advice was given out of good intentions, but more often than not, it left you feeling frustrated and miserable.

Why It’s Difficult to Date These Days

Written By Victor Goh, Singapore “Hey, how ‘bout coffee…

ODJ: mr. right

In an online forum, one woman wrote: “I’m single, over 30 and under pressure from parents, friends and just about everyone around me to get married. Haven’t met the right guy, but still praying to. I’m really looking for ways to cope with this and would really appreciate sound advice.”

Would you advise her to consider nonbelievers in Jesus?
Someone said, “When you h

ODJ: true love

When I stopped by a nearby restaurant to pick up some food, a guy and a girl standing in the car park caught my attention. Their arms linked together, the guy craftily reached to place his hand between her legs. My heart sank, and I began to pray that they would know the beauty of glorifying God with their bodies (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5).

Because the world we live in often equates sex