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Take A Break from Covid-19

You wake up each morning to a ton of forwarded messages on the latest Covid-19 news. You check your social media platforms and see a string of updates, memes, and videos about how everyone’s coping with being on lockdown. You turn on the TV and you see heartbreaking scenes of the frontline battles against this pandemic.

Social Distancing Survival Tips

Are the effects of social distancing starting to wear you down as you scramble to collect the pieces of what used to be your routine, and forge a “new normal”—whatever it may look like? We’ve compiled some tips to help you not only survive this time, but come out even stronger on the other side.

Start Honing Spiritual Habits

Finding it hard to keep those new year’s resolutions going? Why not embark on honing some spiritual habits instead! As you take these steps to grow a deeper relationship with God, you will soon find that they become a way of life God desires for each of us. Simply use our template to get started!

The Secret Place

Title: The Secret Place Materials: Painting Artwork by: Susanna…

ODJ: creating and reflecting

Artist Jim LePage created a piece of artwork for every book of the Bible. As he read the Scriptures to prepare for this project, he applied his imagination to each scene—processing it visually as if it was a film and he was the director. His artwork was born from this inventive approach to Bible study. Although Jim admits that some of his work is quite edgy, I think he would agree that his