ODJ: creating and reflecting

July 13, 2015 

READ: Exodus 35:25-35 

[God] filled Bezalel with the Spirit of God, giving him . . . expertise in all kinds of crafts (v.31).

Artist Jim LePage created a piece of artwork for every book of the Bible. As he read the Scriptures to prepare for this project, he applied his imagination to each scene—processing it visually as if it was a film and he was the director. His artwork was born from this inventive approach to Bible study. Although Jim admits that some of his work is quite edgy, I think he would agree that his ability to be creative comes from the ultimate Creator Himself—God.

Because God is creative (Genesis 1:1), and humans are made in His image (v.27), we too can think up new inventions and create original objects. Bezalel, an Old Testament artist and craftsman, apparently never met a substance he couldn’t transform into something special—including gold, silver, bronze, gemstones or wood. He could engrave these items and combine them to make beautiful pieces. The man was “a master at every craft” (Exodus 35:33).

These talents came from God. “The LORD [had] filled Bezalel with the Spirit of God, giving him . . . expertise in all kinds of crafts” (v.31). God also enabled Bezalel to teach these things to his fellow Israelites so they could construct the tabernacle in a way that reflected the uniqueness and beauty of the Lord.

God approves when we develop our creative skills and use them for Him. This might mean learning a new instrument and using it during worship times or creating a video that illustrates a biblical concept. It could be as simple as dreaming up new ways to encourage people or coming up with crafts for the kids at your church.

—Jennifer Benson Schuldt

365-day-plan: Matthew 9:27-38

Read Isaiah 42:10, Psalm 33:3 and Revelation 5:9 to see one type of song God enjoys hearing. Read Psalm 89:11 to see the reason why God rules our world. 
Why do you suppose the church embraces certain forms of creative expression over others when it comes to worshipping God? How might God feel when we don’t steward His creation well?