The Secret Place

Title: The Secret Place
Materials: Painting
Artwork by: Susanna April (@susannaapril)
Description: Two years ago I was in a much different place in my creative journey. My lack of true source and drive was strangling me of what creativity I had left inside of me and leaving me dry and barren. I knew it.. and I truly hated it and longed for God, but didn’t know how to make space for Him to speak.

Honestly, it was like learning to walk again. Everything I created was cheesy and lame and floral and just not cute or minimalist or anything that I actually thought I was. It was literally annoying and I so often ripped page after page out and threw it away. But it was the pruning that my heart needed, the being unknown, the lack of a following, the embarrassment of again creating another floral wreath during class that looked like the same from every other day.

I’m still on the journey. I haven’t arrived. My creativity still lacks energy often and I still struggle sometimes with comparison and drawing inspiration from the wrong places… But, if there’s one thing that will transform your creative journey – it’s friendship with Jesus. It’s so worth it. He’s the best teacher.









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  1. Sam Mwaura
    Sam Mwaura says:

    Some of the best art comes from the worst medium …..

    Take for instance pottery . …

    It takes lit swimming in mud to get the clay and most of it will end up as cracked pots in the end !!!!

    The potter has to work the clay till it becomes the desired object …

    I don’t know much about art but I will purchase a nice looking piece of ceramic item yes sir

    Junk art is on the rise and so is graffiti ….

    God took a mound of clay and fashioned the man Adam …

    The earth was in bad shape dark and devoid of form and substance and the spirit of the Lord hovered above the face of the deep …

    And it’s from this chaos that God said let there be and it was …

    Beauty for ashes ..

    Strength for fear …

    Gladness for mourning …

    Peace for despair …

    He gives Peace for despair ….

    Just Thoughts


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