The Divine Gardener

My heart knew the truth before my mind could catch on to what was happening. These raw, natural creations instinctively turned my heart toward God.

Creation Up Close

When John Lasseter of Pixar Studios was asked about the limitations of working with animation, he said, “The more organic something is . . . the harder it is to recreate with a computer.”

Odd Couples

Wolves devour lambs. Leopards pounce on goats. A calf is never safe around a lion, and neither is a child!

Speaking Everywhere

One evening, after everyone else in the neighborhood had packed off to bed, I walked into our backyard under a hazy, moonlit sky.
God is merciful

Creation in the Hands of a Creative God

Scripture records accounts of God using specific animals to carry out His purposes, from saving a disobedient preacher to reprimanding a sinful prophet. Such is the creativity of our God, who is able to use everything in His creation to further His redemptive plan and display His glory.

The Art of Worship

Title: The Art of Worship Artwork by: Paris Krahn (@pariskrahnart) Description: When…
Dive deeper into creation care

Dive Deeper Into Creation Care

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The Berth of Life

Title: The Berth of Life Artwork by: Marcus Huang (@marc_o_____) Description: This…

Starry Starry Night

Title: Starry Starry Night Materials: Watercolor paintings Artwork…