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How Should Believers Respond to the Killing of Black People

How Should Believers Respond to the Killing of Black People?

This week, a police officer in Minneapolis held his knee to the neck of George Floyd, an African American man. After nine minutes of what can only be described as desperate pleas and cries, George died. He was murdered on a street, in broad daylight, by an institution designed to protect people.

What to Do When You’re Stuck in Comparison

I don’t know when it started. I don’t recall the first girl I looked at and thought to myself, she’s so much prettier than me. Surely it started before I began to mumble excuses under my breath regarding my lack of abilities.

I’m Saved. . . Now What?

I dedicated my life to Christ at the age of 17. I was in the garage then, and the (what I now know to be) Holy Spirit caused unexplainable gratefulness to consume me.

5 Tips to Stay Woke as a Christian

“Stay woke? Well, I must be awake, because I am talking with you.” That was my response to a friend when I first heard the term, stay woke*.
God gave me the changes I needed not the changes I wanted

Pregnant at 18, what was I thinking?

There was a time I believed that I had it all together. In my mind, I was the epitome of cool.