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ODJ: the opposite spirit

A few years ago I worked as a supply teacher in Birmingham, England. I initially embraced the help of the teaching assistant, but when she started taking over in class I was tempted to give in to resentment and insecurity. Instead, I decided to act in a way opposite to what I felt by vocalising my genuine appreciation of her, praying for her and challenging her in love. When it came time for me t

ODJ: extending grace

When I was growing up, my family often became frustrated because I would take whatever I wanted into my possession. If anything went missing, the invariable response was to “look in Gina’s room”, for I was sure to have nabbed it. In a just vindication of their frustrations, my hairbrush now shows up in my daughter’s room, my scissors can be found in my son’s art case and my phone charger

ODJ: rotten fruit

There’s a ‘quick sale’ area in my local supermarket where fruit is offered at a huge discount. If not sold quickly, the fully ripened edibles will become soft, flabby and infected with fungus.

In Amos’ day Israel was militarily strong and economically rich. But prosperity increased the gap between the wealthy and the poor. In fact, being prosperous gave the rich even more oppor

ODJ: prayer for revival

Blasio Kugosi was tired. This schoolteacher from Rwanda was tired of simply sitting back in quiet discouragement over the lack of spiritual fervour in the church and his own spiritual life. So, in 1935 Kugosi fasted and prayed for a week. During that time God transformed him.

He began boldly preaching the gospel in the school where he taught, and revival broke out in Rwanda. Then, jus

ODJ: why didn't He protect us?

Our lives began to fall apart when my daughter took her life,” the woman told me during a break in the conference we were both attending. “And then our second daughter spiralled into depression and started to self-harm. After several months we discovered the reason why: while my husband and I were missionaries in Indonesia, two of our three children had been sexually abused at a mission-run

ODJ: who can i trust?

In 1942 more than 250,000 Jews were transported by the Nazis from Warsaw to the death camp in Treblinka, Poland. Most of these Jews were killed. A social worker named Irena Sendler, however, posed as a nurse to get into the Warsaw ghetto and rescue children. She managed to smuggle more than 2,500 to safety. In hopes of reuniting the children with their families after the war concluded, she hid t

ODJ: not less in your mess

God’s royal family in Genesis was a bit seamy. Consider Abraham’s family. He slept with his female slave and later consented to his wife’s desire to banish the woman and his son by sending her into the wilderness (Genesis 21:14). What family could be worse than that?

Isaac’s family. They were divided down the middle as each parent picked a favourite son. Then one son plotted to

ODJ: out of the abyss

Why did I repeatedly deny I knew Him? How could I have betrayed His trust?

These and other questions probably filled Simon Peter’s troubled mind as he walked away from the courtyard in shame. He had just denied his Master and Lord three times.

At certain moments in our lives, we’ve all been able to relate to what Peter felt that day. We did something that we shouldn’t

ODJ: reminders

As a Christian radio host I occasionally get to ask songwriters and musicians about the writing process that leads to the creation of their music. These worshippers often refer to a specific event that became the inspiration for a particular song. Then when I hear the track, I’m reminded of the story behind the lyrics. Just as these songs contain reminders of an individual’s journey, so do po