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ODJ: backslap back?

When I lived in China I had an American friend who was radically committed to bringing the gospel to that nation. He mastered the Chinese language until even the Chinese thought he spoke exactly like them, with no foreign accent; and he aggressively shared Jesus at every opportunity. Once he was attacked by thugs, and rather than use his larger size to fight back he obeyed Jesus’ command to turn

ODJ: hate to love

She hated anyone who believed in God. A self- proclaimed atheist, the young woman dideverything she could to destroy the faith of believers in Jesus. She would even write vulgar things on the pages of their Bibles. But then, as the Holy Spirit worked in her life and Christians continued to reach out lovingly to her, her hard heart began to melt. Soon she considered herself an “agnostic”. Then

ODJ: dethroned

Muammar Gaddafi, Africa’s longest reigning head of state, used to pitch his infamous luxury tent at the end of my street whenever he was in Uganda for Africa Union Summit meetings. My son and I would attempt to count the number of soldiers and short-range missile launchers that surrounded Gaddafi’s canvas residence. It was clear that the Colonel feared for his life and went beyond standard sec

ODJ: strong as an ant

Thirty-five years ago Thomas Daigle and his wife signed a home loan. On the way out of the bank he found a penny on the ground. On a whim, they said they should save pennies to pay off their loan. Decades later they had amassed 62,000 pennies. They hauled the accumulated coins to a bank teller to finish off their mortgage’s balance. It took bank employees 2 days to count the coins, but the Daigl

ODJ: not leaving

I am just 3 months into my elected role as youth deaconess in the local church that I attend, and I’ve already received three requests from people who want to step down from serving. A few have simply gone MIA (missing in action). So I feel like a general who’s trying to rally his army to fight a battle even as he’s losing his soldiers.

I was discouraged until I studied Amos 7:10-

ODJ: boys to men

Studies of children who grow up in fatherless homesreveal that they often face major challenges in life. The statistics are alarming. Youths who grow up in fatherless homes are twice as likely to end up in jail as those who come from traditional two-parent families. Eighty-five percent of children who exhibit behavioural disorders and ninety percent of homeless and runaway children are from father

ODJ: if . . . then

With our house on the market, my husband and I regularly spend time looking at online real-estate sites. Planting a church 35 miles away, we eagerly anticipate the day when we will be able to live in the community where we will be ministering. As we wait, we could easily fall prey to the temptation of“if . . . then”. If You promise us success, we will go; if You promise us a great house, we wi

ODJ: bwana asifiwe!

Bwana asifiwe!” is Swahili for Praise the Lord! As I travelled from the dry place of Tala to the slums of Kawangare to the densely populated and dangerous ghetto of Korogocho in Kenya, this is the way every believer greeted me.

Living under the constant pitch of despondency, Bwana asifiwe? Surrounded by the dark shadows of squalor, poverty and destitution, Bwana asifiwe?Living in the

ODJ: remind me

I’ve always needed to be reminded of things, but latelythe problem has reached critical mass. A cycling accident left me with a temporary black eye andnot-so-temporary short-term memory loss.

Recently my daughter found a hot iron plugged in long after I had left the house. On another occasion the sink overflowed when I forgot I was doing the dishes. I constantly forget where I park my