ODJ: in the café

July 21, 2014 

READ: John 4:3-26 

Those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life (v.14).

Crystal stares out of the café window, wondering if life will ever improve. Five men, two kids, all by 29 years old. She’s lonely and wonders if man no. 6 will make things better.
Jesus walks through the café door and sits down at Crystal’s table. “I could really go for a coffee,” He says with a smile. “Uh, excuse me,” Crystal says, “do I know you?” “Not well,” Jesus says. Crystal gets up to leave. “Please stay,” Jesus says, “I’ll pay for the coffee.” “No thanks,” Crystal replies as she reluctantly sits down. She has nothing else to do. They sit silently for a few minutes.

“Maybe I will have another coffee,” Crystal says, reaching for her purse. “Need more caffeine, huh?” Jesus says. “Whatever gets you through the day. But the buzz always wear off, doesn’t it?” “So,” Crystal says, “is this what You do all day—sit and chat with women in coffee shops?” “Only the lonely ones,” Jesus replies. “What makes you think I’m lonely?” she asks. “Tell me about your husband.” “I don’t have a husband.”

“That’s right, Crystal,” Jesus says. “Five men, two kids, all by 29 years old.” “How do you know my name?” she says, astonished. “And how do you know about my life?” “Crystal, I’m offering you something greater than a caffeine buzz, or even the affections of man no. 6.” “What?” she says. “I’m offering you forgiveness.” “I don’t even know you,” Crystal says, “so why do I need your forgiveness? How can I hurt someone I’ve never known?”

“That’s right, Crystal. You’ve never known Me, the knower of your thoughts, the watcher of your deeds, the One who’s seen every silly, selfish, misguided decision you’ve ever made.”

Who are you?” she asks softly. “I’m the One, Crystal. The One you’re really looking for.” —Sheridan Voysey

365-day plan› Matthew 15:32-16:12

Read John 10:10 and consider what Jesus offers to all who are thirsty for real life. 
Imagine if Jesus met the “woman at the well” in your town today. What would the interaction look like? Where else do people look for a saviour other than Jesus?