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ODJ: your story

As we make decisions in response to everydaysituations, we don’t usually stop to unpack the why behind the what of our choices. We typically respond based on what we see; and, in doing so, we forget that almost every situation has a story behind it.
Mark 11:20-33 ‹

ODJ: a man like us

Ordinary people from tiny towns aren’t usually highly celebrated. Few are remembered long after they’re gone. The prophet Elijah, however, is an exception. The New Testament authors mentioned him more than any other Old Testament prophet.
Wait a minute—the prophet Elijah was an ordinary guy? Well, he did accomplish some extraordinary things—such as raising a boy from the d

ODJ: sin's sting

For 2 years the incumbent President, who was from the rival party, denied any involvement whatsoever. In reality, however, he had ordered a cover up of the incident. ‘The Watergate cover up’ resulted in the resignation of the President of America and the imprisonment of 43 people, including dozens of high-ranking officials.
King David had committed deceit, adultery and murder. But he co

ODJ: exposed

A close friend of mine is married to a senior leader of an African nation that has for decades been known for extreme persecution. While her husband was serving as a catalyst in seeing that country’s people freed from an oppressive regime, my friend and her three children recently spent a year with me in Uganda.
One evening my son and I went to church with my friend and her family. When w

ODJ: heavenly prayers

Jay Cutler, an American football player for the Chicago Bears, led his team as they played in a championship game against the hated Green Bay Packers. Cutler was tackled hard a few times during the first half, enough that he took himself out of the game. Some fans became furious when they saw what they thought was a healthy Cutler sitting on the bench. He didn’t appear to be cheering the tea

ODJ: surrendering the Son

God had promised Abraham that he would be the father of a nation that would bless the world (Genesis 12:1-4). This required a son, but no heir had come (15:1-15). And it had been so long since the promise. Finally, when Abraham was 99 years old (and Sarah 90), the Lord appeared again, once more promising a child to Abraham. Sarah laughed (18:12). It was funny—an old man and woman ha

ODJ: grow up

A couple in their late 50s recently decided to divorce, but they both refused to move out of their home. To resolve the impasse, a judge ordered that they halve the urban complex. This included the building of a wall to divide the living room on the first floor and sealing of the door that splits the living space on the second. The husband had construction workers build a spiral staircase, allowin

ODJ: no offence

I’ve been inspired by the book The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons. One of its most profound messages is that Christians who are serious about restoring the broken are not “offended” by their depraved lifestyles. Rather than condemn and pull away from people whose lives are messed up after years of drug abuse, sexual immorality or greedy materialism, Lyons says we should meet peopl

ODJ: lesson in humility

I know you’ve tried your best, but your best isn’t good enough.” If someone said those discouraging words to you, your thoughts might be something like, Whoa! Come on, I’ve been doing my best. Surely, that’s worth something!
Well, yes and no. Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase of Isaiah 64:6 reads: “We’re all sin-infected, sin-contaminated. Our best efforts are grease-stain