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When Friends Disagree

“Sorry, but I don’t agree with you . . .” This is usually followed by awkward silence and angry tears. I’ve always found it difficult to disagree with someone, because I don’t want to lose a friend.

What Does It Mean to Hope?

I recently bought a pair of shoes online. Naturally, I waited in great anticipation for the shoes to arrive—like kids do when anticipating the arrival of Santa on Christmas Eve. (Okay, it’s just an analogy; I don’t actually believe in Santa Claus.) Every morning, I would check the delivery status and hope to receive the […]

The Giant called Dismay

The office is sometimes like a war zone. For some, their typical workday is fire fighting. For others, it is dealing with deadlines, tricky interpersonal relationships, and perhaps, even backstabbing colleagues. Working in a Christian ministry does not spare me from the constant challenge of dealing with human-related problems, namely failures, weaknesses, and miscommunication. Preacher […]