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3 Ways I Tried to Give Up My Guilty Pleasure

If there is anything I’m sure of, it’s that I have many weaknesses in my life. Like the saying, “the mind is willing but the flesh is weak”, I’ve been guilty of succumbing to my weaknesses, in particular guilty pleasures, time and time again despite my utmost efforts to not give in. One perfect example is my (literally) unhealthy love for potato chips.

What A Viral Video can Teach Us about Discrimination

Warning: Story contains profanity, racial slurs, and anti-gay slurs. Viewer discretion is advised. That was the disclaimer in many articles to the recent viral video of a visibly distraught Caucasian father from Minnesota (Bradley Knudson) on YouTube, expressing his anger and anguish over an incident involving racial slurs hurled against his adopted African-American daughter. The […]