3 Things I Learned About My Sin-Filled Life

Ever felt the urge to do something you knew was wrong in God’s eyes, but stopped because you mustered up the strength and courage to put off the earthly, ungodly desires of the heart? And then found yourself going ahead and committing the sin moments later, because the flesh was weak even though the spirit was willing?

Struggling with sin has become a real challenge for me. From lusting after material possessions to telling half-truths so that someone I disliked would get the reputation I felt he or she deserved, the propensity to sin hasn’t changed much since I came to know God.

Many times, when the urge to sin arose, I would try to flee both the deed and the thought. But time and time again, that initial response was not enough: inevitably, I could not hold fast to what I knew was the right thing to do, and went ahead and sinned anyway.

For a while, this made me doubt whether God was really present in my life. I was tired of singing about how much I loved Jesus in church on Sunday mornings, only to find myself in need of God’s forgiveness soon after. The cycle of acknowledging my wrongdoings and declaring my repentance to God became tiresome. Was there ever going to be a time when all these would end?

Are you facing a similar struggle? Let me share 3 tips I have learned through my journey.


1. Acknowledge that my sinful nature is here to stay.

I have come to recognize and accept that all these reconciliatory moments with God will continue because of my sinful nature (Romans 3:23). However, every vulnerable moment spent before the Most High God is an opportunity to remember how undependable my own moral compass is. Because sin has placed me in a hopeless state, I need to go to a hope-filled God constantly—a God who conquered sin (1 Cor 15:57).


2. Never think I can conquer sin on my own.

Thinking that I could walk into a sin-filled environment or situation and be able to withdraw anytime I needed to simply because I knew Jesus has proved to be a deadly mistake. Even when Joseph was tempted by Potiphar’s wife to commit adultery with her, his response was to run away—literally. He didn’t even stay a moment to consider it. Even just entertaining sinful thoughts can place us in compromising situations. When in doubt, flee.


3. Never allow sin to dictate your worthiness before God—be persistent in repenting.

I believe that one of the devil’s main master plans is to wear us out with the guilt of past sins, and to trap us into believing that God has given up hearing us apologize for the wrongs that we continue to do. The more we focus on our guilt, the more time we lose to live upright lives for Jesus. Instead, let’s remember that the very same God whom we fear would reject us, has died for us so that we may have eternal life. God sees our struggles, knows our guilt, and gives Jesus to heal our brokenness. The Bible tells us of God’s response to our sin in Romans 8:34: “Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was raised—who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us.’


In my struggle with sin and repentance, I have learnt to keep running back to Jesus. Although I have been saved, it does not mean that God is done with me. I am very much still a work-in-progress where the pursuit of holiness is concerned. But I can keep striving towards living an upright life, knowing that Jesus walks with me on this journey.

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  1. Sheryl
    Sheryl says:

    I identify with your experience of going to church on Sunday and feeling convicted about Jesus’ death on the cross was because my sins put him there, and vowing to myself that the next time sin presents an opportunity for me to sin, I will turn the other way (see me depending on my own strength here). But each time I’m presented with a choice, I give in to my sinful desires, my selfish desires. I mentally know that there r Christians out there struggling with sin, and everyone struggles with it. I’m comforted by this article and I think u have phrased your points so succinctly. I’m glad my friend shared it with me.

    In fact just before I read this article and while I was about to wake up, I was praying about this particular sin I was losing a battle with and begging God to do something or to help me with it! And then my friend sent me this article. God has always been real in my life and this has proven true once again. I quote from your passage above, “Although I have been saved, it does not mean that God is done with me. I am very much still a work-in-progress where the pursuit of holiness is concerned. But I can keep striving towards living an upright life, knowing that Jesus walks with me on this journey.”

    • Ian T.
      Ian T. says:

      Dear Sheryl,

      Thank you for responding and sharing about how the Lord spoke to you through the article. Will personally be praying for you as you continue to press on toward living a Christ-centered life. As you journey with Jesus, may you also find strength in Him to cope with the challenges of each day. I pray too that your journey might similarly be used by God to encourage other believers in theirs. I have found the YMI.today platform a good reminder to me to live every day for Jesus. Glad that you were introduced to it by your friend!


      Ian T.

  2. JP Flores
    JP Flores says:

    Hi Ian, thank you for posting this. It is very much encouraging to continue my walk with God, inspite of everything that I have done. I thank the Lord deeply for His everyday mercy and love.

  3. Tami
    Tami says:

    Thank you! I often find myself so defeated but I am learning to go to the Lord even in my shame and love how he loves me through! We are all struggling through this world till we are home we just don’t admit it!

    • Ian.T
      Ian.T says:

      Hi Tami, thank you for sharing and responding to the article. I pray that the Lord continues to remind you of how He defeated sin through calvary and give you strength each day to live uprightly in light of that truth.

  4. Tahica
    Tahica says:

    Your essay was a blessing to me in a big way. I also must admit that as I read it, I saw myself as clear as a bell.
    I too am an introvert and photographer and it is a pleasure to know I’m not alone on this journey. Many blessings to you and yours.

  5. Paul Sowders
    Paul Sowders says:

    Like many sermons preached, I almost feel this article was written to me because I, too, fall into the rut of sinning, guilt, repenting, and confessing–until the NEXT round. At the risk of seeming self-centered, I am relieved to know I am not the only person who is having this problem.

    The struggle with favored sin is real and it is very intense. Please pray for me as I struggle in my life with Paul’s words in Romans 7: the things I don’t want to do, I do, and the things I should be doing, I don’t. It is no longer I who do them, but sin living in my members.

    I will pray for you in this struggle as well. Thank you for writing and sharing this article!

    • Ian.T
      Ian.T says:

      Thank you Paul for the offer to pray for me. I will do likewise for you. I am thankful that God’s word continues to be relevant to both out lives. Will pray that God will by His strength, enable you to live a life that pleases Him.

  6. Kehinde Tozunku
    Kehinde Tozunku says:

    This article just exactly described my predicament. I’m already ashamed of myself having to go to God for forgiveness so very frequently, especially for the very same sin.
    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I’m assured that God isn’t done with me. I trust Him to continuously work on me to attain His expectation of me.
    Thanks and God bless you.

  7. Priscilla Yee
    Priscilla Yee says:

    Thank you for this sharing. Yes, I admit I have been praying constantly asking for forgiveness from God time to time for something I am trying to overcome.. Though not often but it still creep back sometimes..

    You are right, we live in a sin-filled world but our Heavenly Father is a mercy God.. I will try my best to ‘run’ from it as much as I can.

    Thank you also for assuring us that we should not be condemning ourselves for our sins.. Yes, our worthiness is found in whom and whose we belong to… Amen.

    • Ian.T
      Ian.T says:

      Thank you Priscilla for sharing. May God continue to be your strength as you strive towards Christ-likeness.

  8. Roger Wong
    Roger Wong says:

    Thank You Ian, for the excellent sharing. I’m encouraged.
    It’s indeed very comforting to know that along the road of sanctification we have a friend divine who walks with us and He’s gently leading us, ever near us and will never forsake us – He’s more than just a friend, He’s Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, my Savior.

  9. Lillie Player
    Lillie Player says:

    Hi Ian,
    Thanks so much for posting this amazing message. It deeply touched my heart and it was exactly what I needed today. I pray that our Lord Jesus will continue to richly bless you with this gift of sharing such beautiful God given words with others as well as myself.

    • Ian.T
      Ian.T says:

      Thank you Lillie. I am encouraged too, to know of how God continues to have a timely and relevant word for His people. Thank you for praying for me. I trust that you in whatever circumstances that you may find yourself in presently, that Jesus continues to be your guide and source of strength.

  10. janet
    janet says:

    Hello Ian, a dearest loved one share this article and & I was in tears reading this, because these past few months I have been struggling with sin, repentance… I can relate to what you are experiencing & its comforting to know that I’m not the only one in this rough, challenging journey. GOD is indeed good to us and never abandon us..Yes, I keep on running back to HIM,despite that feeling of guilt and unworthiness. Praying that I will win this battle, in GOD’s grace. Thank you very much!

  11. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    What a blessing I read this article! I relate so strongly with this topic.
    For years and years of my Christian walk I struggled with immense guilt and shame for my sin. I was so convinced that my failure was evidence that God was not working in my life! Where was the “new creature in Christ” I had always heard about!? Wasn’t he supposed to “take away” my old sin nature???
    Needless to say, I disappointed myself time and time again… I doubted: doubted myself, doubted God’s love, doubted my commitment to Christ, doubted my salvation.
    The devil burdened my with shame and guilt. I could hardly find strength to even call out to God….
    Then one night I had a dream.
    I was at my old family home, and next door I was visiting with a new neighbor. He began to explain God’s great love for us, regardless of our works. In the dream I wept and wept. When I woke up I thought, if only it were true for me!
    Over the course of several months, God has shown me over and again how greatly he loves me!
    I have accepted my human nature, im not ashamed of that part of me anymore. I struggle with sin… I am still striving to overcome, but this time, I strive knowing that God is Love, and that he Loves even me! Even me, a sinner, a struggling man with homosexual lust. My sin does not define me any longer, my Jesus does. Through this process, I came clean with my wife, I laid my sin and my heart out on the table. It was difficult for her, but by God’s grace we are building and growing in our marriage and our love. I still struggle, sometimes I fail, but one thing I can tell you from my journey is this.
    The chains of guilt, shame, and lies held me back more than I could ever tell you. Once those chains were removed, I began to feel like the new creature in Christ! I still have my sin nature, but I have peace with God, and overcoming my sin has been so much easier now that I know how great my God’s love is, and how great my wife still loves me. Praise the Lord for his mercy on us. All sinners, yes… But Jesus ate with sinners:)
    God bless

  12. Marjory Medearis
    Marjory Medearis says:

    Hi Ian, this article has been a refreshing reminder how much the Lord loves us just as we are. I have been fighting battles for sometime now, and have become very weary. Struggling with loneliness as well. I know that the Lord walks with me each day so i don’t understand the lonely feeling. Makes me question my faith at times. This article has let me know its ok to have those feelings, that our God understands. And i am forgiven for those feelings. Thank you for the kick over to the other side. God bless you.

  13. Samuel Mwaura
    Samuel Mwaura says:

    Two things come to my mind about the topic of sin … First one is that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak … Secondly that sin is always before me so the good I want to do I find difficult to so I end up doing what is evil …. Two more things about sin … That the bible tells us that sin will not reign in our mortal bodies …. The second thing is that sin always crouches near the door of our hearts and like it took out Cain it wants to do the same to us but we must master it !!! Still thought we are adviced to flee temptation it plays tag so that the law of the mind fights with the law of the flesh …. Paul said that the death of christ reigns in our mortal bodies for were crucified with Christ yet we live !!! That’s the comfort we need that though we waste away daily our spirits are being renewed … So when our hearts thump us next time we fall into sin God is stronger that our hearts for even when we are unfaithful he remains faithful for God cannot deny himself !!! We have a faithful high priest who in not at all unsympathetic with our weaknesses for he was tried as we are in all manner of ways but found not guilty !!!! Again none of us has suffered with sin to the point of shedding blood .. So let’s take comfort in this our present sufferings pale in comparison to the future glory in Christ Jesus our lord and captain of our salvation !!!

  14. michelle
    michelle says:

    For two years I have been dealing with a repetitive sin that has tricked my soul and spirit into thinking that I don’t deserve God to listen to me repenting for the hundredth time. Something that I carry along the way it’s that God does not count how many times you’ve failed but how many time from that particular fall you stood up and ran back to Him. Thank you for sharing and something I’ll forever have in mind is the way you expressed that the worst thing to do is to let guilt submerge us into thinking that it’s already a lost battle.


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