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I Don’t See the Point of Praying When God Knows Everything

Remember how, at the start of your Christian walk, you were diligent to pray whenever you could, because prayer seemed like the most instinctive and comforting thing to do? But maybe over the years, praying has become harder. You feel like you don't know what to say, and if you do think of something to pray for, you also don't know what to expect, what the outcome will be. Besides, do we really have to say it out loud if God already knows what we're thinking? Does it really matter if we pray?
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Does God Really Care About Me?

Trusting God is a lifelong process for us. And it’s not just trusting His plans will happen, but trusting that He actually cares about us, especially when we’re faced with frustrated hopes and disappointments. 
Where is God When Our Prayers Go "Unanswered"?

Where Is God When Our Prayers Go “Unanswered”?

We love stories of God working wonders in response to humble prayers–but what do we do when our prayers seemingly go “unanswered”, or God doesn’t quite respond in the way we had hoped He would?