Where is God When Our Prayers Go "Unanswered"?

Where Is God When Our Prayers Go “Unanswered”?

Title: Where Is God When Our Prayers Go “Unanswered”?
Artwork by: YMI x @ruthxhandayani
Description: We love stories of God working wonders in response to humble prayers–but what do we do when our prayers seemingly go “unanswered”, or God doesn’t quite respond in the way we had hoped He would? 

If you’ve been bringing your requests and petitions before Him, but feel like God has yet to turn your life around, or bad things are still happening and you’re stuck with the same set of circumstances, here are three instances from the Bible that might help you see your “unanswered” prayers in a different light. 

Jesus, Paul and Jeremiah praying.

Jeremiah praying in front ruins of Jerusalem.

What we can learn from Jeremiah's prayer

Paul praying with menacing shadow on the background

What we can learn from Paul's prayer

Jesus praying with Jesus on the cross in the background

What we can learn from Jesus's prayer

Explanation text on unanswered prayers

Concluding prayer


Artist Feature

Ruth Handayani

Ruth Handayani is an illustrator from Indonesia. She has loved drawing since she was introduced to pencil and paper, and considers it an effective time killer.

For her, drawing is one of the best therapies that bring her joy. She is so grateful or being able to make a living through her hobbies, especially designing children’s illustrations.

She hopes that through her artwork, she can share blessings and happiness to others. And of course, to see smile and giggles on people’s face.

You can find her on Instagram (@ruthxhandayani) / Facebook (Ruth Handayani)


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