A car is driving on the road at late night

Does God Really Care About Me?

Title: Does God Really Care About Me?
Artwork by: YMI
Description: Trusting God is a lifelong process for us. And it’s not just trusting His plans will happen, but trusting that He actually cares about us, especially when we’re faced with frustrated hopes and disappointments. 

When we’ve been praying frequently for something–a job, a life partner, a close friend–and we don’t hear from God, it’s easy to feel crestfallen. Are our desires and longings perhaps too insignificant, not worth His time? 

It’s okay to share even that too: “God, do You really care about me and what’s on my heart?” We are told that “in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Philippians 4:6). Every little thing we’re anxious about, we can entrust to Him, because He does care.


a car is driving into the woods.

A man is using the torchlight to point to the sky

The man is looking to the sea

The man is looking at the sparrow on the big tree

A car is driving along the mountain road

The man is carry an umbrella and walking near to the onsen

The man is looking at the sheep which opposite to him

The close up of the man with the evening light


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