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Habits To Hoard Beyond The Pandemic

How many toilet rolls have you bought recently? If you’ve lost count, well, you’re probably not alone. One thing this Covid-19 pandemic has shown us is that we all have a tendency to hoard things for self-preservation, or even just for a sense of security.
Open window - the day we were robbed

The Day We Were Robbed

“I’ve to run. My flat . . . someone’s entered my flat. I must go,” I told my boss in a barely audible whisper. I could hardly believe my ears when I received a phone call from my sister to say we had been robbed.

Consider The Sparrows

Title: Consider The Sparrows Materials: Watercolor Painting Artwork…

When Your Heart is In the Right Place – Is it Enough?

“At the end of the day, what matters is whether your heart is in the right place.” That was the gist of what I said to my friend Christy* a few days ago, when we were talking about life in general and how to honor God in our lifestyles.

The Compulsory Queue

Title: The Compulsory Queue Materials: Illustration Description: In…