Consider The Sparrows

Title: Consider The Sparrows
Materials: Watercolor Painting
Artwork by:
Description: Have you ever wondered where birds find food and shelter? Matthew 6:26 tells us that even though they do not store up food for the future, the Heavenly Father takes care of them.

What more us? We are His children made in His own image. Let us learn to trust in God’s provision for our lives and remember that our eternal treasure is in Heaven and not where we are now (Matthew 6:21). Perhaps it’s time to stop chasing after good grades, that promotion or that relationship. Look up to see where your treasure is (1 Corinthians 7:31) and we can experience true freedom in our lives (Psalm 118:5). Just like how the lives of the birds are in His mighty hands, our lives are in His too. As we run after eternal treasures, the faithful LORD establishes our steps for us (Proverbs 16:9) and guides us.






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  1. Sam Mwaura
    Sam Mwaura says:

    God established man to live in communion with nature …

    Bible says God planted a garden in the East ….

    Then he put man in it to tend the same …

    Every tree was food for man and beast ….

    Every growing plant was his for the asking …..

    Man and beast lived in perfect harmony and even after the fall of man nothing in nature changed !!!!

    The only thing that made the difference was the condition in which man would earn his livelihood ….

    Man still has dominion over the earth ….

    King David put it this way ….

    The heavens are too lofty and who can attain them ???

    But the earth is given to men no !!!!

    Let’s remember that were all God’s creation but Christ died for the world of men not of beasts of the field or the birds of the air …

    Just Thoughts

  2. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    Lovely artwork.
    I do have one very specific question: Why exactly did you title this page “Consider the Sparrows?”

    Thank you in advance for your reply.


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