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SG national day

Bitter, Sweet, or Sour—That’s Our Singapore

Even as we wish we can change some of the bizarre or incredulous things we encounter on this tiny red dot, they can also be (somewhat) endearing too.
Image of a boy and girl celebrating singapore national day

Show You Care The Singaporean Way

Happy 56th National Day to all Singaporeans! Here’s a number of our favourite Singlish phrases for us to use like free! 

Indonesian Batik Day

Hope is woven into the fabric of our souls, giving us a reason to press on another day. Hope infuses us with strength, knowing things will turn out alright in the end. Hope is the essence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). 

A (Foodie’s) Love Letter to Malaysia

In this love letter to Malaysia, we let our favorite food do the talking, and share our hopes and dreams for a better, more caring Malaysia. As you gather with family and friends at home, in your favorite mamak, or over a yum cha session, and reflect on how far we’ve come as a nation over the past 57 years, we hope it reminds you how in-kueh-dibly diverse and unique our nation is!

5 Ways To Love Singapore

Let’s make this National day memorable, not because of what has changed, but what we can change. As believers, let us show the world what Singapore is made of: a nation made up of big hearts, filled with love for those around us.

Singapore: Treating others with dignity and respect

“They are everywhere!” That’s a common gripe of a local in Singapore, feeling frustrated by the increasing number of foreign workers in our country.