SG national day

Bitter, Sweet, or Sour—That’s Our Singapore

Title: Bitter, Sweet, or Sour—That’s Our Singapore
Artwork by: YMI x @kellodoodle
Description: Ahh Singapore . . . There’s a reason why we find ourselves belting out heartfelt numbers like Where I Belong and Home, even when it isn’t National Day.

We might all be closet patriots, but there are some things about Singapore that still make us go, Huh! Why liddat?

Even as we wish we can change some of the bizarre or incredulous things we encounter on this tiny red dot, they can also be (somewhat) endearing too.

So let’s slow down and appreciate the blessings God has given us—both the good and the ugly of Singapore—in this country we love and call home!


SG national day

Illustration of Singapore national flag

Illustration of Jewel Changi Airport

Illustration of Hokkien mee, nasi lemak, milo dinosaur and prata

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