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How to Respond When a Friend Confesses Their Sin

We all struggle with temptation and sin every day (Rom 3:23), and know the right thing to do—but it’s a lot easier said than done. Often, we wrestle with our sin for a long time, and sometimes even minimise or excuse it altogether. Talking to others about it may be the last thing on our minds. So, when we do hear about a friend’s sin, we could be at a loss as to how to respond.
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Can I Confess Something?

We had just finished a study and were about to share our prayer requests when one of them began by saying: “If you could please pray for me, I feel like I’m addicted to shopping. Like maybe I’m spending a bit too much buying things that I don’t need.” When I heard this, I felt crestfallen. Not because there was anything wrong with what she had shared, but because I suddenly felt like I could not be as honest with my own confession.
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How to Beat That Languishing Feeling

When 2020 ticked over into 2021, we were hopeful that the new year would be a better one. And for awhile, it did look promising. But alas, the bubble’s popped and the recent news about the outbreak of new COVID strains, worsening cases, and heightened restrictions have made us feel like we’re right back at square one. What can we do to keep ourselves going? Here are some tips to help us beat that languishing feeling.

Clean Start

For many years my wife and I put off doing some major remodeling to our home.

Being Messed With

Stretching hurts. But with the years piling up, I’ve determined that I must heed the trainers’ wisdom. I’m clinging to the hope that the work will be worth it in the end; but for now, these stretching exercises are truly a pain.

Worth the Wait

Everybody is waiting for something. What are you waiting for—employment, marriage, family peace?

HIV Turned My Life Around—For Good

Sometime in 2017, a coworker who knew that I was an advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness, asked if I could accompany him for an HIV test. I agreed and decided to also get myself tested. When I received the test results, I was stunned. I was HIV positive.

Autograph of the Ordinary

We praise the “big” things that people do for Christ, but it’s the unnoticed things that bring joy to the heart of our Father.

Starting Small

The only thing Julius Kettle didn’t enjoy about returning home from boarding school on weekends was the countless rocks he had to gather. His father was gradually turning their family farm into a structure that looked much like a castle, built from the rocks of the land—rocks that Julius had to collect.