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ODJ: Starting Over

As part of their training, all new presenters on the radio use a practice log—an exact replica of the live log except for one small difference in the file name. It’s a little like a flight simulator for pilots; you get to make mistakes without embarrassing or devastating consequences. It’s a great system for trainees, but if seasoned presenters accidentally use the practice log t

ODJ: the line between

Two government agents were assigned the case of “Dread Pirate Roberts.” This “pirate” was the anonymous operator of “the Silk Road,” a website that sold illegal drugs by using the virtual currency Bitcoin. The agents caught their man, but not before becoming criminals themselves. They allegedly sold the information about their investigation and blackmailed the &

ODJ: practising resurrection

Believers in Jesus look forward to two great events in the future: our resurrected bodies and the ‘resurrection’ of our groaning planet into a new heaven and earth full of beauty, healing, justice and joy (Isaiah 11:4, 65:21-23; 1 Corinthians 15:51-52; Revelation 21:1-23).But while these are future events, they’re to guide our lives today. Jesus calls us to be salt and

ODJ: restoration and salvation

An antivirus update for my laptop kept blocking the last phase of my radio recordings—the words I spoke between songs. I tried restoring the computer to an earlier date, prior to the update, which worked for one session of recordings. But when I tried to record another radio show, the antivirus once again stopped me from saving my work. In the end I restored the laptop to a time when it wo

ODJ: after the apocalypse

Popular films like The Hunger Games and Divergent explore what the world might be like on the other side of the apocalypse. These gritty films try to imagine how those who have suffered through a cosmic catastrophe could pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives.The Jews faced a similar problem when they returned from captivity: the temple was in ruins. The young people shouted for joy when they

ODJ: leaving old things behind

The New Year can be a great time for a fresh start. That’s why 45 percent of people in North America make New Year’s resolutions. The problem is that by June—six months down the road—only 54 percent will have kept their resolutions, and the percentage drops to a dismal 8 percent by December!Part of the problem is that while new beginnings can be easy, leaving behind old pra

ODJ: the restoration promise

Uncle Mark (not his real name) had his big toe removed because his arteries had become blocked after years of smoking 60 cigarettes a day. My husband and I used the traumatic event to talk to our children about the consequences of destructive habits.

ODJ: a piece of my heart

Senseless violence and dark injustice can make for a steady rain in life—dampening spirits in mists of grey. In the summer of 2013 a 17 year old from a rough neighbourhood jumped in front of his mother to protect her from an attack. The bullet struck and killed him, leaving his mother clutching his lifeless body in front of their home. The boy’s brother, who witnessed the crime, said later,

ODJ: dead coming back to life

The Dead Sea in Israel is a ‘one of a kind’ place to take a dip. Tourists who enter its waters immediately realise that swimming aids aren’t necessary. Yep, there’s no need to tread water in the Dead Sea. Due to its exceptionally high concentration of salt, people simply float on its surface like apples bobbing in a barrel of water.
The Dead Sea is also the lowest land-based point on