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Why Humility Isn't the Same as Putting Ourselves Down

My friend gazed at me through FaceTime, a kind smile on her face. “I just want to let you know that I just counted you saying the word ‘stupid’ six times when talking about yourself.”

100 Humans: 5 Ways to Handle Criticism and Praise

What works better, criticism or praise? A recent Netflix series “100 Humans” put this to test in one of its episodes where 16 randomly selected participants were asked to learn a new skill—the lost art of plate spinning—in two hours, and then judged on their performance by their coach, Fantastic Patrick.

5 Things to Do with Doubt Besides Ignore It

Have you ever questioned your faith? From theological ponderings—how exactly did God create the world? To emotional doubts—does God really love me? What do we do about these questions? Do we shove them aside, hoping if we deprive them of our attention, they’ll stop threatening the firm foundation we thought we had?

Social Distancing Survival Tips

Are the effects of social distancing starting to wear you down as you scramble to collect the pieces of what used to be your routine, and forge a “new normal”—whatever it may look like? We’ve compiled some tips to help you not only survive this time, but come out even stronger on the other side.

Start Honing Spiritual Habits

Finding it hard to keep those new year’s resolutions going? Why not embark on honing some spiritual habits instead! As you take these steps to grow a deeper relationship with God, you will soon find that they become a way of life God desires for each of us. Simply use our template to get started!