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I’m a Woman and I’m Addicted to Porn

It took a long time before I recognised my addiction for what it was, and even longer before I could consider myself an addict. I thought I was just someone who liked to read a lot.

Editor’s Picks: Best of Love, Sex and Relationships

Sexual sins. We all grapple with them. But what if we recognized that some of the power these sins hold over us, comes from the very fact that we don’t want to admit them? What if we refused to let sexual sins hide any longer behind closed doors?
Repent and you can come to Jesus' throne of Grace

Pornography: You Can Break Free

October 3, 2012, is a day my husband Andrew and I will never forget. On the same day every year, we dress up, go out to a fancy restaurant, and celebrate a unique anniversary: Andrew’s freedom from the chains of almost two decades of addiction to pornography.

Porn Says Vs Love Says

Title: Porn Says vs Love Says Materials: Digital Illustration Description: Pornography…