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Sexual sins.

We all grapple with them.

But what if we recognized that some of the power these sins hold over us, comes from the very fact that we don’t want to admit them? What if we refused to let sexual sins hide any longer behind closed doors?

From a place of honest admission, these contributors foster Christ-centered conversations to encourage others to recognize brokenness, but strive with perseverance towards the freedom and forgiveness we find in Christ.

Will you join them?

Best Articles on: Same-Sex Attraction

Letter to My Past (Gay) Self

I know you feel like your only hope at happiness has been crushed. There’s pain in your heart and you’re crying out, “How can something that feels so right be so wrong?”

I get it. It does feel right and natural. It feels like acting on these desires can lead you to a wonderful relationship that will finally make you happy.

Oh yes, I remember, Raph.

How Do We Respond to Same-Sex Attracted Friends?

I am burdened by my belief that the Church can do better—much better—in offering the help, healing, and hope that is available in Christ.

What, then, can we do to reach out to those who experience SSA? Here are some pointers which I’ve found useful through my research and my interactions.

3 Faulty Thoughts Believers Have About Same-Sex Attraction

“Do you have friends who struggle with same-sex attraction?” She mumbled a reply, which I couldn’t catch. “Sorry?” I said. “I have it,” she repeated, with a certain steeliness in her voice.

Until then, not having anyone close to me struggle with same-sex attraction, I had always steered clear of the topic. But God began to show me there was a need to be interested, to be engaged, and to make known His truth, in love.

Best Articles on: Pre-Marital Sex

Couple holding hands on the beach

Other Reasons Not to Have Sex Before Marriage

I have a Christian friend who debated for the longest time whether to have sex before marriage. Finally, one day he told me, “You know how I’ve struggled with it so much. Well, I finally just did it.”

These days, even Christians don’t understand why—besides “because an ancient book says so,”—anyone would choose to wait for marriage to have sex.

So I’ve compiled a few reasons, which I hope will solidify your resolve, and equip you to have a good conversation if someone asks, just as they have done for me.

Sex: What Are You Waiting For?

When I became a Christian, I became familiar with the tagline, “True love waits”, which encourages sexual abstinence. It resonated with me. It sounded noble and wise, and it made sense. And so waiting became the solution to keeping myself pure.

But I learned that waiting is not the way to purity.

Best Articles on: Habitual Sexual Sins

You are not alone fighting sexual sins, praise the lord for his love

Don’t Fight Sexual Sins Alone

When I first started, I would feel immense guilt each time, and I would tell myself that I would never do it again. Yet, as if I were in a trance, I was unable to resist sinful temptations and masturbated time and again.

I felt like such a hypocrite—I attended church regularly on Sundays and served in my university’s Christian Fellowship, but I was still trapped in sexual sin.

Repent and you can come to Jesus' throne of Grace

Pornography: You Can Break Free

October 3, 2012, is a day my husband and I will never forget.

On the same day every year, we dress up, go out to a fancy restaurant, and celebrate a unique anniversary: freedom from the chains of almost two decades of addiction to pornography.

Best Artspace Projects

Porn Says Vs. Love Says

Pornography is a global issue. It lurks everywhere in our everyday existence, but in secrecy behind closed doors.

We hope this project helps you find the strength to overcome any temptation and guilt you might have with pornography with His truth and Word.

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