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When My Hard Work Amounted to Nothing

I know people who are avid fans of Japanese author Haruki Murakami—his most notable books include Norwegian Wood and 1Q84. But while I don’t understand the extent of their fanaticism, I do see why Murakami’s works are so well-received

Whom Will You Go To?

Imagine you’re in deep trouble. Some people are after you and you need somewhere to hide. Home isn’t an option—they know where you live. Whom will you go to? A dependable friend, probably. Someone you can trust, who is reliable, and who is always on your side.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Written By Phoebe Cheong, Singapore To be perfectly honest,…
Aerial view of the Great Wall of China

3 Things God Taught Me on My Recent Mission Trip

I went, expecting to give to others, but ended up receiving so much more. These are the three things (out of many others) that God taught me through
Man with his hands raised up in the air

Why is it so hard to pray?

God has been speaking to me about prayer over the past few days. So, today, as I flipped my laptop open, pretty certain about what I wanted to write, I was all of a sudden filled with an inexplicable sense of uncertainty.

(Another) Piece of Relationship Advice

With the (somewhat) recent proliferation of online magazines and the tsunami of relationship advice that comes with it, young people are bombarded with ideas of love, relationships, and marriage.

Existential Crisis

Do you sometimes have bouts of insecurity where you fret about the future in general? If you do, don’t worry, you are not alone! But sometimes this journey really does feel lonely, doesn’t it?