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Why is it so hard to pray?

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God has been speaking to me about prayer over the past few days. So, today, as I flipped my laptop open, pretty certain about what I wanted to write, I was all of a sudden filled with an inexplicable sense of uncertainty.

What can I say about prayer, anyway? Most of the time, God isn’t the first one I turn to when I have problems, or when I am happy, or when I feel miserable and sick. When I pray, I usually end up drifting and thinking about other things instead of praying. Why is talking to God so difficult, anyway?

At a recent prayer meeting, my church friend shared, through the Lord’s Prayer, that Jesus teaches us to pray remembering our intimate relationship with God.

“We begin our relationship to God as His children (Our Father)…

It deals with the relationship between the Benefactor and the beggar

(Give us today our daily bread), the Saviour and the sinner (Forgive

us), the Guide and the pilgrim (Lead us not into temptation), and the

Defender and the helpless (Deliver us from evil).”

The Sermon of Jesus, Robert Solomon

He reminded us that we should learn to talk to God relationally instead of overloading our prayers with information. Maybe, as we learn to talk to God as a child talks to his father, we can start to enjoy this seemingly difficult Christian discipline of prayer.

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