(Another) Piece of Relationship Advice

Written By Phoebe Cheong, Singapore

With the (somewhat) recent proliferation of online magazines and the tsunami of relationship advice that comes with it, young people are bombarded with ideas of love, relationships, and marriage. And I suspect that this is what you are thinking about too. We’re all at that distressing stage in life where relatives (you haven’t met for ages) ask us the embarrassing “when are you going to get married” question, and you’re never really sure how to respond to it.

So, yes. I have read tons of articles about love and though they have been very helpful, I still feel uncertain about this whole relationship thing.

Perhaps you felt the same way too. And I submit to you that it may because we often neglect to think about the most important relationship in our lives—our relationship with God.

God loves us and desires us to know Him like He knows us. Do you spend time with God regularly? As we spend time with Him through reading the Bible and in prayer, we begin to understand God’s moral will, and learn to make decisions—such as choosing a life-partner—that will please and glorify Him.

Not only does God care and love us deeply, He also knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows our thoughts and anxieties, and He also knows what is best for us. These may be uncertain times for you, but trust God with this area of your life; it is no mistake to put your trust in such a loving and powerful God who is deeply concerned about His people.

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  1. Charlene
    Charlene says:

    Thanks for reminding us not to have a relationship with others so easily. We must consider the fact that we must have a true relationship with God.
    Reading His Word gives us wisdom on what we should do in our daily lives.

    • YMI
      YMI says:

      Amen! We praise God for His wisdom that is alive and active, leading us in the way we should go. 🙂

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