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For When You Start to Doubt God’s Calling

There are going to be so many times that you doubt yourself, your abilities, and your calling. You are going to question if you really are useful, and if you truly should have left home in the first place. As excited as you are to make Jesus known in Asia, you’ll end up letting fear take over many times.
Girl holding a beautiful flower in her hands

To My Little Girl on International Women’s Day

Today, men and women are elevating the heroic achievements of women, and others are bringing attention to the debate on gender roles and equality. Some will say we’ve made progress, and they will be right. Others will focus on how far we have yet to go, and they will be right too.

Letter to A Depressed Christian

Dear Depressed Christian, I know about the scars on your wrists. I know you spend your sleepless nights crying
Man standing with a woman's hand over one of his eyes

A Letter to the Wandering Eye 

Hey. Over your latte, I saw the worry in your eyes. I know this isn’t who you want to be; you never wanted to be attracted elsewhere, you thought you would always be contented in your marriage.

An Open Letter to A Friend Gone Too Soon

Your abrupt departure from this earth caught us completely off-guard. Your mother shared with us the details of your sudden heart attack as you were preparing to leave for work that fateful morning.

A Letter to SHINee’s Jonghyun: What If There was Hope?

I was in disbelief when I first heard the news that you took your own life. I didn’t believe it was real. I thought it was a hoax, a sick prank someone had played. I couldn’t believe someone as jovial and happy-go-lucky as you would ever commit suicide.

A Letter To My Future Self in 2027

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you from the tail end of 2017, a perfect time in which I find myself reflecting on my achievements and failures and reviewing what the year has meant to me.

A Letter to My Past Brokenhearted Self

Dear Agnes, I know it feels like it’s the worst night of your life. Your boyfriend of two years just broke up with you. You’re crying and you’re lonely.
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A Letter To The Man of Few Words

It is late October. I am seven and barely 90 centimeters tall. You seem like a giant to me. I reach out to hold you and my tiny hands are engulfed by your smooth and strong palms.