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Church in the "New Normal": Should I Start Going Back?

After five months, I finally went back to church last week. I had expected it to be an emotional event for me, but I have to confess—it wasn’t, really.

Controversies In Church: It's Not About What We Say

Is it okay to pray for a miracle healing? Can we speak in tongues? Can a woman preach at the pulpit? Should the church support anti-homosexual laws? What’s the church’s stand on abortion? What should we do with an errant pastor? Is there a “correct” version of the Bible? Can we play the drums in worship? Should Christians drink alcohol?

My Quarter-Life Crisis: The Day I Went Berserk

I knew something was wrong the moment I started kicking the boxes below my desk. I’m normally a quiet, self-restrained person (no, really), but that day, something in me just snapped.

Why We Want Wonder Woman

Okay, the bottom-line first: Wonder Woman is watchable. (Oh, and the movie’s great too.) If you haven’t seen Gal Gadot, the Israeli model-turned-actress who debuted on the big screen in 2009 (Fast & Furious) is good looking. Extremely good looking.

Have I taken God for granted?

I’m back in court again. No, not that one. This one is an internal court of conflicting thoughts and feelings about my faith and my actions.

Please don’t jump, there’s hope

I was just about to leave for work when a policeman knocked on my door. “Sir, do you know of any elderly woman living along this floor?”
Miniature globe

Why did God Create a World that He Knew was Going to Go Wrong eventually?

This introduction that you’re reading now is really my third. Twice, I wrote a few paragraphs, only to remove them after finding that they were going nowhere. Despite having spent a couple of hours coming up with the first two versions, it wasn’t really difficult to click on “delete”. I mean, why continue something that is flawed?

Still Grieving 18 Months on

It’s been a year and a half since my grandmother passed away, and I still cannot bear to think about her. It is said that you should not deny your feelings or suppress them, but confront them and deal with them. But I can’t.

What if There was No Church?

It’s probably hard to imagine not having a church around, at least in some form. It could be a building—a grand old cathedral, a modern theatre, a space in an office block, or someone’s house, generously opened up for use on Sundays.