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5 Ways Not to Share about Christmas

Ah, it’s Christmas! A perfect time to mark a significant date with brothers and sisters in Christ. A perfect time to share the gospel and tell people about the love of God that sent His Son down to earth to save us from our sins.

Are You “Unsuccessful” in Church?

You’re active in church. You’re there every Sunday morning, arriving early to arrange the chairs and set up the worship team’s equipment, or to help pick up disabled members from their homes and wheel them to their usual spots in the worship hall.

Bieber the Believer

You must know Bieber, the Canadian songwriter and singer. Bieber, the pop star who is as well known for his controversial behavior as he is for his hits. Bieber, the teen idol who probably has as many detractors as he has fans. (For the uninitiated, that’s “Beliebers” of the “Beebs”.)

Success: Once Given, Not Given Up Easily

It would be all too easy for me to sit here and say, “Give up everything for God. Don’t chase the success of the world. Don’t be so career-minded.” That’s what I used to imagine myself telling others—until I faced the dilemma myself.

Beacon Light: Where Gospel Meets Hip Hop

The YouTube video starts off the soothing lyrics and familiar tune of a Sunday School classic, with a small girl swaying gently as she sings, “Jesus loves me”. Then the cynical voice of a young man cuts in, telling the story of how the same words, taught to him at an early age, meant little when he was molested.

4 Reasons Why We Should Take Science with a Pinch of Salt

Whom would you believe about the “truth” of climate change? A politician, an activist, a journalist, or a scientist? That’s easy, isn’t it? Politicians have their agenda, activists work for their cause, and journalists have news to sell, but scientists—well, they’re neutral, aren’t they?

Sorry, My Friends!

I’ve not been a good friend to some of my closest friends. I’ve betrayed one, angered another, and offended a third (twice). I betrayed the first by cutting him out of my life because of someone else (long story).

5 Ways to Live for Yourself

What’s all this about “denying yourself” and “living for others”? Look, I know we can’t decide when we were born and when we will die, but come on, I have every right to decide how I should live. This life belongs to me.

When Nothing Makes Sense

Written By Leslie Koh After spending a number of years in the…