Joy-Ann Wood

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Finding God in the Midst of Unemployment

Waiting on God is not easy. It’s not like waiting in line at the bank or a department store where you can see the length of the line and the end goal—the teller or the cashier.
Woman running on a hill

Why I Run on Hills

Our running group has been training for a marathon over the last few months. As part of our training, our coach designated hills training on a weekly basis. Hill runs are tough. So why do we do it?

Finding the GPS that Never Fails

Some time ago, my brother and I drove to Miami from Florida to fix an item we had recently purchased. Although it wasn’t the first time we had taken this route, we decided to (once again) rely on the trusty Global Positioning System (GPS) on his cell phone.

Are You Running on an Empty Tank?

When I was getting ready to leave the house one day, my father said to me, “Better pump gas in the car, or else you might run out on the highway, you know . . .” I laughed at his comment and replied, “Nah, I got this covered. I’m sure there’s enough gas to take me to my destination and back.”

Switch On Your Light!

I recently attended a concert by Grammy Award-winning Christian music artist Israel Houghton, otherwise known as Israel & New Breed. At one point during the concert, Israel asked everyone to turn on their cellphone lights as he led the audience to sing, “Jesus is the Light of the World”.