Finding the GPS that Never Fails

Written By Joy-Ann Wood, West Indies

Some time ago, my brother and I drove to Miami from Florida to fix an item we had recently purchased. Although it wasn’t the first time we had taken this route, we decided to (once again) rely on the trusty Global Positioning System (GPS) on his cell phone.

It took us approximately 40 minutes to reach our destination using the GPS. Had we driven without it, we would probably have gotten lost somewhere along the way as the roads were still unfamiliar to us.

I have always been captivated by the GPS and how it can tell us (literally!) which roads and exits to take for the fastest possible route to our destination. In the same way the GPS leads us to our destination, God’s Word tells us which direction to take in life. Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Just as the light from a lamp illuminates our surroundings, showing us where to go and which path to take, God’s Word gives us the information we need to determine what His will is.

And just like when we’re driving, it’s easy for us to stray off course in real life. When we’re careless or stubborn, we can also wander onto a wrong path. Some of these paths may take us in a different direction, or be blocked. These paths are dangerous as they may lead us away from God, and result in us getting spiritually lost and confused.

I took such a detour a few years ago when I dated a non-Christian. I knew it was against God’s will, but I chose not to listen to Him. Instead, I chose to focus on other traits, like the guy’s charisma and friendliness, and tried to ignore our spiritual differences. But whenever I ended a conversation with him, I found my convictions shaken. Slowly, I started compromising on my own beliefs. I walked on this wrong “road” for quite a while before I realized I was lost. After much self-reflection and by God’s grace, I decided it was best to end the relationship.

On hindsight, I realized how much time, effort, and energy I had squandered on this relationship. But I’m thankful that God was patient with me and guided me back to the right track.

Just like how the GPS can recalculate and redirect our journey when we stray from the intended path, God’s Word can also guide us back to Him if we are willing to follow it. It is through His grace and love that He provides these U-turns that lead back to Him.

But here’s one key difference: Unlike the GPS which may become outdated if it’s not synced with the latest changes in the routes, the Word of God will always be relevant, regardless of how our world changes. When we live in accordance to God’s Word, we can be sure that we are heading in the right direction.

So let’s be obedient to His Word—our spiritual GPS. Let’s fully utilize this beautiful compass for our Christian journey.

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